How To Remove Stains From Upholstery?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to effectively remove stains from upholstery. In most upholstery stain removal situations, people think how to remove stains from upholstery, will spraying work, can chemical cleaners show the desirable results and more. We have a few tips that work great in getting rid of upholstery stains. Whether it’s a stubborn wine spill, ink mishap, or pet accident, this blog will provide you with expert tips, step-by-step instructions, and useful tricks to restore your upholstery’s pristine condition. So, read this blog to know about our tested upholstery stain removal ideas and cleaning tips. This way you do not have to contact a professional every time you find stains on your upholstery. Say goodbye to unsightly stains and hello to a spotless living space- let us get straight to those ideas!

Remove Stains From Upholstery

Tips To Get Rid Of Stains From Upholstery Fabrics

Wet Stains 

Do you know what is the right time to get rid of wet stains? It is to clean them as soon as you find stains or before they get completely dried. Because getting rid of a stain that is wet is always an easier task if it’s an upholstery fabric. Moreover, you get a chance to not let the stains soak into the fabric this way. You can use Mild Dish Soap And Water to get rid of wet stains.

  • The very first action you need to take as soon as you find stains is to take a dry and clean cloth to lightly press onto the stain. This step is to get rid of whatever liquid is present in the fabric. However, make sure to not rub the cloth aggressively in order to prevent the stain from spreading further. 
  • Once the excess stain is cleaned, for the remaining stain you need to apply mild dish soap onto the affected area and then apply some water onto a cloth to lightly rub the area. Note- do not soak the cloth just make it damp.
  • Slowly rub the damp cloth over the stains and press gently to blot the area.
  • Here, you need to make sure to rub the cloth in such a way that the stain isn’t further getting into the fabric.
  • With this action, your upholstery will have no more stains so make sure to gently blot the section with another clean cloth.  

Dry Stains

Unlike wet stains, dry stains cannot be removed easily as some of them become tough and others permanent. However, you have ways to get rid of these dry stains too but it takes more time to remove them than wet stains and the reason is obvious. If you want to know how to remove stains from upholstery that are completely dried, follow the below steps with a Mixture Of Dish Soap With Warm Water.

  • For the removal of dry stains, you should give the first priority to making a cleaning agent.
  • To make this cleaning agent, you need to take warm water and mix a little amount of dish soap. Make sure this cleaning agent is in liquid form.
  • Now, take a clean dry cloth and just damp it with the agent you made and carefully press it over the stained area with a follow-up rubbing. Note- do rub only in one direction.
  • Follow a one-direction rubbing with the damp cloth (that has a cleaning agent) until you find that stain is uplifted.
  • At the last, take another clean dry cloth to blot dry excess cleaning agent. 

Pet Urine Stains

Pet urine stains are also one of the common stains your upholstery gets to experience. As pet urine has a component of uric acid, you have to be careful about what materials to use for pet urine stain removal. In fact, letting urine stain for longer periods can lead to the release of strong and annoying odours. Therefore, follow our cleaning tips for quick urine stain removal using Salt And Vacuuming. One of the effective ways in getting rid of pet urine stains on your upholstery is to use salt. 

  • Firstly, take a kitchen paper to carefully remove the excess liquid from the upholstery without exerting much pressure. 
  • Once you find that the excess liquid is also gone, then sprinkle salt on the stained area and leave the salt to settle properly. Leave it for about 1 to 2 hours on the stand until you find the area is all dry.
  • Now, thoroughly vacuum the upholstery to remove the salt along with other debris. 
  • The last step is to thoroughly inspect your upholstery to find results.

Kid Vomit Stains

Removing vomit stains is a hard task as it can be disgusting. And if you do not get rid of them when they are wet, it becomes harder to remove them. So, make sure to get rid of vomit stains as quickly as possible. This Baking Soda And Vinegar solution can help you.

  • Remove the excess vomit by scraping off the area. 
  • Take warm water to dampen it and apply baking soda with it to the stain-affected areas. Because soda absorbs smell in addition to lifting up the vomit stains.
  • Pour vinegar over baking soda and you will find the baking soda gets fizzed. Note- you can also use lemon juice as an alternative to vinegar.
  • Now, rub the area using a toothbrush in order to rub off as much stain as possible.
  • Rinse away the area with warm water and air dry it naturally before going for a machine drying.
  • However, machine dry the area only after you find the stain is completely gone. 
  • Repeat this process until you find everything at the end is what you desired. 


Upholsteries are one the best home decors that make your place look well-furnished with their simple presence. But when you find stains on them- you may stress yourself. However, instead of worrying about how to remove stains from upholstery, you can use our ideas for given stains and other stains. You can also call and hire upholstery cleaning experts for safe stain removal actions!