How To Clean Up Urine On A Mattress?

If you feel sinking while sleeping, that means an accident happened on your mattress. It’s an unwelcome surprise when sleeping with dogs and small kids. You can take help with urine stain removal service, which helps to remove stains, smell and bacteria from your mattress. Get rid of those pesky pee stains with effective techniques and Urine Stain Removal methods. 

Accidents happen with no invitation, so do not ruin mattresses. Whether your pet has peed on the mattress, the child’s diaper leaked and smell infested in the depth of the mattress; you can get urine, stains and smell removed with some cleaning and stain removal tips as soon as possible. 

All you need is some common household things to clean the stain and smell removal. We got covered with a few cleaning tips to prevent stubborn urine stains, smells and urine from the depth of the mattress. 

Urine Stain Removal

Know The Effective Tips Of Urine Stain Removal 

If you catch a sudden urine spread accident, this section is made for you. If urine dried and stained on the mattress; the demonstrated pointers are good to follow up on: 

1. Clean Urine From Mattress 

  • Foremost strip your bed and pull out all the bedding into the washing machine immediately. 
  • Now you need to get some cleaning supplies like; baking soda, vinegar, vacuum cleaners, spray bottle and some cleaning towels for getting tasks done. 
  • Use paper towels or cleaning towels, and blot the moisturized area as much as possible. Keep in mind not to rub and scrub the mattress, extracting the urine from the mattress is important. 
  • Create a spray of vinegar solutions with half distilled vinegar and half water and take a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the vinegar solution over the affected area. 
  • Cover the affected area with baking soda and leave it for a few hours (Minimum 8 Hours). 
  • Now it’s the moment, you have to vacuum the baking soda, and then inspect whether there is still a stain or urine smell in the mattress. 
  • If still there are urine stains and smell over the mattress, then repeat the same steps for quite some time till the stains and smell get removed. 

With the help of this step-by-step process, you will remove the urine stains and smell them. Make sure you use enough baking soda and let it soak in the mattress for several hours. 

2. Urine Stain Removal From Mattress

If urine stains are stubborn on the mattress before you call the professionals to help, then here we are listing some steps to follow to remove stains effectively. The things you need for this cleaning process are; dish soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. 

  • Foremost you need to create a cleaning solution with hydrogen peroxide (8 ounces), baking soda (3 tablespoons) and 4-5 drops of dish wash or liquid detergent. 
  • Stir all these things in a spray bottle, and apply the solution to the stain. Let the solution soak into the stain for some hours. 
  • Let this mixture dry. After some time, a solid layer of the same mix applied will residue over the mattress, which you have to vacuum and check if the stain has been retained or not. 
  • If the stain is still there, then you need to follow the same steps again & again till the stain will be removed from the mattress. 

It’s a tough cleaning solution, which you have to give some time and soak into the stain for quite some time. When the solution gets into the depth of the mattress entirely and peroxide evaporates, it is going to pull out urine from the depth and balances the stains and smell. 

Keep in mind that peroxide can bleach out the mattress. So test it on the small corner before using it on the entire stain. It might damage or discolour, so try it first for urine stain removal. If that does not work, then take suggestions from the professionals for it. 

3. Get Rid Of the Pee Smell Out Of the Mattress

If you have cleaned the mattress appropriately but it is still stinking, then you can use some of the following to get results. Spreading baking soda over the mattress and leaving it for some time is an impressive technique to absorb odours rather than masking it. The basic balance of PH level will neutralize the stains over the mattress and even absorb any urine moisture still there in the mattress. 

You need to layer up the entire mattress with baking soda. In case the specific area is stinking much, then you need to spread a thick layer of baking soda over the mattress and leave it for at least 5-10 hours to soak odour, moisture and everything from the mattress. 

Another option is a vinegar solution and half a portion of water. Stir the mixture and spread it over the stain. You can also use a few drops of essential oil to spread a pleasant smell around. 

Wrap Up

If you ever face such a problem with your mattress, then use the above-mentioned urine stain removal tips to remove stains and smell and keep the mattress healthy and hygienic once again. Or, you can simply call for a professional mattress stain removal expert

How To Remove Urine Stains Out Of A Mattress?